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The band was formed at the beginning of 2023 at the initiative of the leader. The lineup consists of Paweł on electric guitar, Mateusz Lorentowicz on drums, Filip Hornik on double bass, and Mateusz Żydek on trumpet. Their music is mainly modern jazz with elements from both the world of free jazz and traditional jazz. From the very beginning, the group has been actively working, and by the end of spring, they entered the prestigious Monochrom studio and recorded their debut album under the supervision of Ignacy Gruszecki. The album will be released by the well-known Polish trumpeter Piotr Schmidt in the sjrecords label by the end of this year and will be titled "Ofensywa" ("Offensive"). The leader composed all the songs, and their final sound was developed during rehearsals. Each member of the band is an outstanding instrumentalist and brings their individual style and character to the music.

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